BootDoc tuning for your feet

A well-fitting ski boot is the alpha and omega of the skier.
Only if the boot fits perfectly, you can really enjoy the skiing as well.

The revolutionary foot analysis device of BootDoc enthusiastic across the board. By foot scan is obtained a plantar view of feet as well as information about the length, width, heel width and shoe size. The individuality of the foot is perfectly displayed and then the prerequisite is given in order to select a suitable shoe or insert can.

Our new Ultracam shoe fitting device machined pressure points accurately. Soles and pads are adjusted, used inserts. The liners are molded individually and warmed to his feet. The outer shell can oderr stretched, if necessary, be milled.

Supported by the new device, we go the full monty. Only a final command of the score is - with a completely satisfied and a Confident Smile: "Fits Like a Glove". By determining the stress distribution and the categorization of the foot width and foot type, we can recommend specially developed BootDoc deposits and this professionally installed in the shoe.

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